Sunday, May 23, 2010


Erronio aquel ser humano que me diga que uno mas uno es dos si yo quiero que sea tres.
No entiendo como el respeto tiene que ser obligacion cuando viene a algo que no debe respeto
me comprendo cuando hablo de la noche de luna llena y cuando de vez en cuando escribo lo primero que llegue a mi mente, como hoy.

-Rose A. Pernia

Monday, May 17, 2010

I need to leave.

There must be a reason for a yes or a no
for a go or a shut the fuck up
sometimes it gets too crazy
thats when i feel i need to leave
i need to leave again.

Can't you get it inside your head?
you seemed pretty smart yesterday
but today.. today something went wrong.

There must be a reason for me not wanting to talk
you seemed very different from who i had met before.

- Rose A. Pernia

Monday, May 10, 2010

He makes me smile.

We seem to be what we want
i think of him all the time
he tells me he misses me when we are together,
he says i look prettier than the day before
and he doesnt know what to do about it
with that, he makes me smile
everything he says makes me smile
even if is true or a lie i smile
i am not to believe but i believe he makes me feel out of this world
just perfect.

- Rose A. Pernia

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sunflower Field.

Yesterday i went with my father to the sunflower field, as soon as we got there our parent vs daughter and vice versa relationship changed, suddenly we started agreeing on everything (something that never happens). Even though the field was almost fully harvested the view was beautiful. We laughed , we ran from the bees, we got lost. It was a moment to never forget.
- Rose A. Pernia

Thursday, May 6, 2010


There is one thing i will do for myself
that is, to enjoy every second of my life.
- Rose A. Pernia


You define gorgeous with that musician look
your long black hair and leather boots
it seems i cant get enough of your gauges and the tattoos with history marked on your skin,
big round glasses matching your personality.

Don't you smile at me
i'm already thinking on how to get to you
imagining our first kiss that may never come true.

Play me like you play your guitar in a night full of wine
just play me and take me away for tonight should be just you and i
by the way it has been a pleasure meeting you.

I'm in love with your musician look and the way you smile
can you tell you have done some damage to my head, it's all full of you now.
Play me like you play your guitar, caress me as if i were your piano in a night full of wine
just play me and take me away
for tonight should be just me and you by the way it has been a pleasure having you.

- Rose A. Pernia